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Welcome to the Local 735 UAW Retirees website.

RETIREE MEETING 2nd Wednesday of the Month.
Next meeting:   July 8, 2015 Local 163 UAW
  450 S. Merriman Road
  Westland, MI 48186
163 is on the west side of Merriman, between Cherry Hill Rd. and Palmer Rd.
At: Garden City Park — NE corner of Merriman & Cherry Hill Rd
From your Chairman:
I hope all of you have seen the Schedule of Events for 2015.
You may sign up anytime for any of these events and trips, or if you wish to volunteer to help set up for any of our events, please see any of us on your Executive Board. This can help us in the future when we do our planning.
Make sure when you sign up to give us all your contact information.
The Official Web Site for U.S. GMRetriees

Check out the site and here's a Flyer about it.

What do you know about "Fast Track?"



Medical Benefits Trust
Vision Care
Participating Network Providers

Chairman's Report, Dec 2014


UAW Local 163
450 S. Merriman Road
Westland, Michigan, 48186

Meeting dates and times remain the same.
Second Wednesday of the month, at 10:00 am.

Do you have your address updated?

Give your current address and phone to any local officer at the meetings or via email. It's easy!
Do it now -- you'll be glad you did!

Schedule and Events for 2015
Schedule and Events for 2014
View:   Delta Dental Starting Jan 2015
View:   2015 Health Care Highlights
Executive Board Newsletters
Monthly Meeting Notes

New Meeting Location

Official Announcement

  Hello you great bunch of retirees. Local 174 is moving. The officers and staff have been the best, they have treated us like true brothers and sisters.
    In December our meeting is our Christmas party at Wayne Tree Manor on Van Born Road, in Romulus. Purchase your tickets from Ron Howell at the November meeting, for $10.00 each.
    Starting in January, on the 14th, we will be meeting at UAW Local 163. The new address is 450 S. Merriman Road, Westland Mi, 48186. Our meeting dates and times are NOT changing. We meet on the second Wednesday of every month at 10:00 am. We will be mailing this announcement to all members, so make sure we have your correct address. You can contact anyone on the Executive Board for an address correction.
    The President of Local 163 is Ralph Morris, and he has told me that Local 163 will do their best to welcome us. I want to thank our Regional Director Rory Gamble and assistant Director Daryl Goodwin for giving us a new location to meet.

Sterling Mullins & the Local 735 Executive Board


Corvair Lady

Calling All Former Corvair Workers


LAW SUIT: Asbestos and Metal Cutting Fluids

  • There have been several members of Local 735 contacted by a law firm concerning asbestos and metal cutting fluids that were used in our plant. This lawsuit does not involve General Motors or the Union.
  • If you want more information you can call the following numbers:
  • Asbestos: (855) 898-7800
  • Metal Cutting Fluids: (800) 852-6299




Take your Unionism to the next step.
Finally: an 'app' that might make me want a fancy cell phone.


New Auto Index Redefines "American Made" Cars

See where your car ranks on 'made in USA' content.

Every American should read this:
    Shocking Report Explodes 5 Myths About American Education.

Did it ever occur to you that
union workers aren't overpaid?

YOU are being underpaid?



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